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Freeze frame of the motion graphic. Vertical rectangular gradient that goes from yellow to orange, red, purple, blue and ends at teal.

OP Art Movement Motion Graphic


I have been interested in motion graphics for quite a while, the way shapes and words bounce around a page, perfectly in tune with the accompanying audio. They are complex, yet appear so simple, and can capture the audience and make them feel strong emotions through different engaging techniques. Motion graphics have a special way of turning sound into a visual experience which I believe can be very powerful, whether it be light hearted or serious.


Create a motion graphic sequence that illustrates the OP art movement as well as the artist Getulio Alviani.

OP art, otherwise known as optical art or retinal art, features illusions via patterns and colours. Getulio Alviani was one of the many successful OP artists, playing with aluminium sheets, lines and colour.

Design Process and Thinking

This motion graphic plays with similar features as those used in Alviani’s work and re-creates one of his art pieces in a new way. It centers around the animation of lines which is used throughout many of his pieces and creates optical illusions similar to many artworks created within this movement by Alviani and others.

Close up of Alviani sequence with a gradient cutting through diagonally from bottom left to top right.Close up of OP Art being written on screen.Close up of Getulio sequence with a gradient cutting through the middle third.

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