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Front cover design of Montréal Metro Art Catalogue. Photo of an escalator by Christopher Forsyth with text reading "55 Years of art in the metro" on top.

Montréal Metro Art Catalogue


As a designer with a background in art, who has also come to appreciate art more and more, it is of great importance to me to highlight and credit artists who create works of art. Art can be thought provoking and change our perception. It can lift our spirits and encourage us all to look at the world a little differently.


Create a catalogue highlighting the 55 years of art in the Montréal metro.

The metro helps commuters get to their destination, quickly and effectively and each station was designed with care. An architect was chosen for every station, along with an artist for some of them. The art ranges from sculptural, to murals, to mosaics. It deserves to be highlighted and appreciated for bringing art into commuters everyday lives for the past 55 years.

Design Process and Thinking

In making this catalogue I wanted to create a dynamic layout that emphasised the artwork and allowed for enough breathing space around all of the information. The chapters are divided based on the metro line colours as well as the blue colour seen throughout the stm which gives it a playful, colourful feel.

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