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Imago rebranded logo. Open and closed brackets facing each other in solid black.

Imago Theatre Rebrand


I once had a teacher who told me something along the lines of "if you take anything from my class, I hope it's how to be open-minded" and I took that to heart until it became one of my core values. Certain topics are difficult to discuss, but being open to other opinions and viewpoints, can make it become more approachable. Ensuring spaces are accessible allows for a broader discussion as well. I hope to also reflect the values of open dialogue and accessibility in the work I create.


Create a new logo and corporate identity for Imago theatre company.

Imago is a feminist theatre company that encourages dialogue and making theatre open and accessible to anyone, no matter their income and background. They strive to help women share their stories and engage in meaningful dialogue after every show even if all participants do not have the same view on a subject.

Design Process and Thinking

The re-branding reflects Imago’s core values of feminism, dialogue, democracy and accessibility through the work created. Brackets are literary devices that hold information and therefore when used as the logo it invites people to become a part of Imago. The brackets also double as symbolising a stage and its open nature invites dialogue, as do the different iterations of the logo across different social media platforms.


View the full project pdf here!
Imago Theatre entrance with white logo on a black background. The door handles shaped in the form of the logo. Anna Akana and Hannah Witton imago posters in the windows. Mockup: EyMockup. Anna Akana photo from imdb; Hannah Witton photo from hannahwitton.com.
Imago stationery mockup with a shadow in the top left corner.

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